Knowledge Partners

Fabulous Benefits for Knowledge partners

1. Build a career that makes a difference

As a Business Partner of My School magazine you promote School Tool’s Educational products that really make a difference in the lives of children. You will help parents / teachers encourage the joy of learning and the love of reading in their children. You will thrill all of them with programs like developing kids creative skills, communicating with confidence, self help methods, how to expand kids memories and many more....which are not available for learning in any of today’s educational system.

2. A worthwhile opportunity

You can build your own career doing something really worthwhile, by helping parents/ teachers to provide a brighter future for their children. Education has never been more important as we enter the most incredible technical revolution and information age.

3. Substantial Income Potential

You earn income in several ways including Profit Sharing, Commission and Incentives. As such, through Marketing independently in your area, sales benefits as a Distributor, student subscription renewals, KAGAZ(kids animation & graphics animation zone) smart studios at schools, online Star features program, discount coupons based promotions, revenue from magazines advertisements, exhibition-cum-sale, online and paper back educational directory, distribution of educational, knowledge based Indian & Foreign books and educational merchandising.

Though “I Love My School” is three years old is new to many in your region; you are likely to be the first generation business partners, that the growth of the company will have a positive impact on your career.

4. Flexibility with 10 marketing models

Ten My School marketing models provide you best flexibility as convincing method is not required with any school management. When you offer free magazine distribution at schools, no school refuses it. You decide when and how fast you complete your distribution. You set your own target and priorities. Best of all you don’t have to convince to the student to buy it, the product does it all. (Logistics of 10 marketing models will be submitted on agreement).

5. Support and Training

You will receive on-going support from us in many ways whether you are an individual or an organization. My School provides you training including goal-setting and how to become successful in your life. My School will provide you the best methods of the business models that will help you and us to grow with dignity.

6. An Incredible Opportunity

As a Business Partner you will receive assured and joyful training. The more sales you do each month the more money and other benefits you will receive.

7. Team Building

My School Business Partners are further rewarded based on sales achieved by people they train, recruited by the company as well personal recruitments. The key to success in our business is EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. Building up a strong base, connecting schools in your region is very important.


Note: Review the following flow chart about the procedure for marketing
  1. As a Distributor you need to recruit a Project Coordinator, who will also work as a Tele Marketing Executive and will inform the Team Leader about the school appointments on day-to-day basis.
  2. After receiving the appointments the Team Leader will send either Business Executive - 3, Business Executive - 4 or the Team Leader himself/ herself will attend the school appointment according to the size of school or requirement of the business opportunity.
  3. The Team Leader shall provide school appointment schedules to the Business Executives at school to school basis. So, any single Business Executives can attend a school business designated to him/her and no other Business Executive should attend the same school appointment.
  4. Every prospective school report must be handed over to the in-charge by the team leader daily, so that the business can be generated on the priority basis.
  5. The Distributor can have any number of team leaders for the business and make in-house daily progress report on business generated on the day.
  6. The quantum of the generated business has to be informed to the Distributors office on same day evening on working days.


Recruiting Business Executives through NAUKRI.COM

  • Distributor can recruit any number of Business Executives according to their area requirement. They can avail paying Rs.300/- per month membership fee to School Tools using where School Tools is a member of it. (Optional)
  • Distributor may recruit also them through:
    • Newspaper ads
    • Cable scrolling
    • Personal contacts

The following people are preferable for part time or full time for marketing support for Distributor.

  1. Local Press Reporters
  2. Village, City and, metro level news stringers or journalists
  3. Local newspaper P.C. Centre in charges
  4. Retired District/city Educational Officers
  5. Teachers (Existing / Retired)
  6. Postmen
  7. Insurance Agents
  8. Consumer Product Marketing People
  9. Educational Consultants
  10. Material Suppliers to Schools
  11. News paper Agents
  12. District /city Teachers Association’s
  13. District /city School Association’s
  14. Lions Club
  15. Jaycee’s Club
  16. Cultural Associations
A detailed profile and photograph of each selected candidate has to be sent to School Tools - this is mandatory.