Where this magazine fit in our school's curriculum?

    You may use this magazine in the following areas:
    • Science: Display age appropriate study charts while teaching to the students
    • GK: Best help for students since it is colorful visuals and its photographs
    • Art & craft: Many art formats to learning tips are available in every magazine
    • Life skills: Only magazine is providing visual life skills. You can make posters for hanging
    • Activity: Pre defined activity modules are available in every magazine, good for eye hand coordination, logical thinking, fun riddling and group activities using cut & paste charts.

What categories of students can use this?

    From play school to tenth class

How our students will benefit from this magazine?

    • Students can make use of Cut and paste charts, maps
    • Age appropriate subject related posters
    • Reference materials
    • Model essay writing
    • Language learning
    • School science project help…

How school can convince parents about this new concept?

    • High quality study materials usable for projects as well as for reading
    • School is now providing best quality data ,no need to buy them in the market by parents
    • Students creative and sports achievements well documented for future reference
    • Schools every progress, principal‘s suggestions, students time table are all well presented
    • All upcoming school happenings, national & international events and competitions info can reach students. This would be very helpful for students in this competitive world.

When is the good time for students to subscribe this magazine?

    • Any time in the year
    • Best during beginning of the education year

Can teachers use this as a TLM (Teacher Learning Material)?

    • Of course! This material is a great opportunity for the teachers to teach their students in an easily accessible manner.
    • The teachers can explain the students by presenting before them the charts and posters of the concerned topics.

How affordable is this magazine to a middle class student?

    Every student needs to purchase maps, posters, charts and other education material throughout the year, which would ultimately lead to a high cost. As all this material is readily available in the magazine, the student is lowered from the burden of huge expenses.

Is this magazine certified by any government agency?

    Yes, this magazine is certified by RNI (Registrar of Newspapers of India), New Delhi.

Can any student pay subscription as a monthly installment?

    The student also has a facility to pay the subscription amount in four installments, along with the school fees, rather than at once. This payment would be given to us on a quarterly basis.

Is this magazine viewable online?

    Yes, the subscribed members can view this magazine online by logging in with their unique username and password provided by the school.

Would you agree for our students to be your guest editors?

    • We welcome your students as guest editors of our magazine. You have a choice of either maintaining a particular team or selecting new students every month.
    • You can also send us their photographs and details so that we could publish them in your customized magazine.
    • Your school can give an early career opportunity to the students who wish to take up journalism.

Do you charge for translation of students’ content written in local language?

    Yes, we do charge for translation of content, which is an additional work.

Can our school and our students inter-benefit through this medium?

    • For a school - This is a new medium through which school can publish their services to students.
    • For a student - This is a low cost well -documented project s/he has been ever provided by school.
    • The best part: School does not have any burden of paying; students who need it will pay for it.

If students contribute content in languages other than English, would you print it as it is?

    Yes, we would scan and print the content directly, irrespective of the language.

Do you charge for the lay-out design that you make for us?

    • The lay-out designing of two sides of the cover page and the two sides of the back page, altogether four, are provided as a free service.
    • Any page, other than the four, is charged at a subsidized rate.

Can our school authority join in your editorial advisory board?

    • We are always open to the suggestions that are beneficial to the magazine and its subscribers.
    • If you send us the details of your advisory board members, our committee would take it for review, after which the further consideration can be taken.

How many pages can our school use in a magazine?

    • The number of pages that a school can use depends on the circulation of the magazine.
    • With a minimum of 700 circulations, we can offer you two pages – the front and the back.
    • With a minimum of 1000 circulations, we can offer you four pages – both sides of the front and both sides of the back.

Can our school use this magazine as our brochure?

    This magazine could be the best way of promoting your ideas and activities in the form of a official school document. Before a new student joins, this could be a best proof of paper for school’s past and present activities of the students as well as for the school.

Can we put any data we need in our allotted pages or you edit?

    Yes, as long as you promote your activities and functions without misinterpreting those of other schools, you can always put in your data in the allotted pages.

How about putting all our advertisements in our magazine?

    • You can advertize about your school, it's facilities and offers in the magazine free of cost.
    • Advertisements about stationery products, your publishing partners, offers by trainers and suppliers with which your school has a tie-up, are chargeable at a profit sharing ratio.

How can we coordinate with you if you are far away from us?

    • You can e-mail us your photocopies, artwork or manuscripts, after which we would design the layouts and mail you back the concerned PDF file. When you send us a e-mail of approval after your acceptance, we would send it for printing.
    • In case of availability of our executive, we would send the layout in our laptop. You can inform your suggestions or approval through the executive, after which we can send for printing.

What is the standard operation procedure that you follow?

    • We must come up with an agreement for a period of one to two years.
    • The material that you send must be sent early on a specified date for quicker review, to prevent delay in printing. We require cooperation from you for printing the magazine on time.
    • In case of lack of fresh content or delay in sending it to us, you can either send us any of your old, previous content or inform us to add our standard content.

Can we approve our final lay-out pages before it goes to print?

    Yes, you can give us your approval for finalizing the lay-out pages before sending for printing.

How do we receive the magazines and distribute them?

    We send the magazines through bulk courier facilities so that you can distribute them to your students.

Can we sell our magazines in our local market or only to our students?

    Yes, if you would like to promote your school, you can subscribe to the magazines and sell them in local book stalls or stationary shops.

How can we promote this customized magazine to parents?

    • You can promote this magazine during PTA meetings, school celebrations and anniversaries or through the library.
    • To convince parents, we also help you by providing prime copies of age appropriate magazine, so you can distribute to your students at a free of cost. We provide this one-time facility to schools with at least 20 % of assured sales.

What are the other benefits that a school can get out of this concept?

    • With a minimum of 700 circulations, we offer each student a good quality school bag along with the magazine for an annual payment of Rs.500, with your school logo & name printed on it.
    • You can print your annual souvenir book with the help of the cover and back pages of My School issues printed throughout the year. This will ultimately reduce your filming cost, which would otherwise cost up to Rs. 48000.

If a school wants this as a part of their program, how much will cost?

    It is possible to alter the price of the magazine depending on alliance with the school.

Do you distribute the magazines at students’ home address or school?

    You have a choice of selecting whether you want the magazines to be delivered to the school or at home. With our past experience, we strongly recommend it has to be distributed at school address only, so the students won’t miss any copy due to postal missing or delay.

What mode can we transfer funds?

    I Love My school accepts credit card payments. We also accept cheques subject to realization. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, and you do not have a bank account, you must get a demand draft (cashier's cheque) from any bank in order to pay to us. You also can make money transfer through bank to bank.