Corporate Magazines


Prepared and edited by learned and experienced educationists and linguistic experts, My School magazines content is a class by itself because of the following distinctive features:

Subject matter: The subject matter is soul of the book. Hence, every attempt has been made to render the subject matter immaculately perfect in each of the Print-a- Book series with a pre-press download option.

Style: The subject-matter in every book is presented in a simple, elegant and interesting style, suited to every level of student for whom it is meant.

Options: Print-a- book is marked by faultless and attractive printing options with technical specifications. Each book is defined in a standard size; the fonts used are judiciously selected to suit the age group of the children for whom the books are brought out. Just a click on the book you intend to print and following the simple guidelines for print options is all you need to do - rest will be taken care of.

Get-up: A wide verity of neat, beautiful and artistic pictures and a rich variety of delightful colors make the books a visual treat. Children are sure to love and treasure these books as their proud possessions.

Price: As these wide ranges of books are prescribed in vivid categories, schools can select any subject book of their choice and print them in required quantities for their school children. You can set the retail price at any amount equal to the market price or even lesser than that.

Ownership: Yes, you’re the absolute owner of the content in the licensing period and whatever you wish to do when it is for teaching at school. You can print any of the following books for your students with your school’s name on it.

Our knowledge products catalouge

Schools simply select the Knowledge from our catalogue before going to the print and Pressmeet manages the rest of the print format conversion, Pagination (if required), through courier or Hi-speed electronic delivery to you- on schedule.

School's advantage

    Endorse every single news letter as like a promotional brochure for your new enquiries.
    Print your school’s own news letter every month.
    Let parents know your schools growth, month by month.
    Publish your views, time table, event photographs, students achievements in every issue.
    We make your own school magazine with our feature archives help.
    All your selected features will be charged in a bundled price.
    Make use of the news letter as a voice of your school to the parents.
    Expend young readership by publishing more activities in your news letter.
    Fill your children’s page with attract more Children product advertisers.
    Print Hi- quality educational content, and be a leader in your region.
    Attract local school stationary advertisers with discount coupons based ads.
    Print educational supplements with star features educational content.
    Expand individual readership and connect all students with e-newspaper.
    Pressmeet will professionally design your news letter.
    We print and deliver in your door step as per your schedule.

Printing details and pricing terms


Page Size

Quantity & Price

8 pages news letter My school A4 size 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000
8 pages news letter My school A4 size 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000
8 pages news letter My school A4 size 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000
8 pages news letter My school A4 size 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000
8 pages news letter My school A4 size 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

Delivery mode:

Bulk delivery at school by courier service Delivery at schools various destinations with extra cost (optional)

Payment option:

Credit cards, Debit cards, Demand draft, Bank transfer, Press meet account No.…………………………………………………

Terms and conditions:

The management reserves the right to decline publication of copy / illustrations / photographs which in their opinion would disfigure or damage the reputation of the magazine or prejudice other and also to refuse or suspend publication of the school promotion at any stage and under any conditions without assigning reasons.

No promotional material will be accepted which offends the Provisions of the Drugs & magic Remedies (Objectionable Ads) Act 1954, the Emblems and any Names Act (Prevention of improper use) Acts 1950. The Prohibition Act of various States, RBI Rules & Regulations, Prize Completions Act and any relevant Acts that are in vogue. Also per se defamatory Ads (containing derogatory / offensive language) and Appointment Ads of Private Institutions asking application money are not accepted.

Due care will taken to ensure good reproduction, however, the management accepts no responsibility for faulty printing due to defective material supplied or due to circumstances beyond their control and no claims will be entertained for free repeat insertions.

Where credit has been allowed, bills have to be paid strictly by the due date, failing which in interest will be charged at 18% p.a. from the date of bills till date of payment.

Levis and taxes imposed by the Government time to shall be borne by the school management.

These terms & conditions overrule all earlier Terms & Conditions mentioned in our previous agreement / rate cards.

Only the courts at Hyderabad shall have jurisdiction in case of any dispute or any legal proceedings.


The management accepts no liability for any loss is damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing or omission to the insert any school promotional content, or for any damage loss of CD/artworks/art pulls/manuscripts or other material supplied.

Magazine price:

The cost of each magazine varies depending on the number of subscriptions:
500 – Rs. 475
500 to 1000 – Rs. 450
1000 to 3000 – Rs. 380
Above 3000 – Rs. 340

Payment options:

The school has a choice to pay the subscription amount in one of the following ways. This facility is applicable only to approved schools:

Yearly payment – We collect the entire annual payment in advance right at the beginning. Monthly payment – We collect the payment every month after the delivery of magazine. The price may vary. Quarterly payment – We collect the payment every term during the payment of school fees by the students, on the delivery of magazines.

The price of the magazine may vary depending on the option of payment. For more details you can contact our marketing dept.

Contract period:

The schools can avail the special offer of customized Newsletter annual subscription is for a minimum period of one year contract only.


If the school management fails to pay the dues within the time stipulated time or to comply with terms and the conditions as per the agreement the management will be at liberty to suspend publication of the school promotional material given by the management without any notice.