Channel Partners


Build a career that makes a difference:

As a Channel partner you promote I Love my school educational magazine and other educational services that really make a difference of the lives of children. You will help parents and teachers encourage the joy of learning and the love of reading in their children. You will thrill all of them with programs like developing creative skills, communicating with confidence, self help methods, how to expand kids memories and many more....which is not available for learning in any of today’s educational system.

All you can make a difference to the lives of those who matter most-your family, your friends and yourself.

A worthwhile opportunity:

You can build your own career doing something really worthwhile, by helping parents / teachers provide a brighter future for their children. Education in particular has never been more important as we enter in the most incredible technical revolution and information age.

Substantial Income Potential:

You earn income in several ways including Royalty, Commission, Incentives allowance and other benefits. As your business grows, so does your income through associating with your Zonal Franchisee or District Distributors. You are likely to be one of the best Channel partners that the growth of the company will have a positive impact on your career on priority basis. Once you cross 2000 subscribers, you will be rewarded with additional benefits, plus complete Medicare program for you and your loving family from School Tools.


You decide when and how fast you will complete your training. You set your own target and priorities. You set your income. The choices are all yours.

Support and Training:

You will receive on-going support from your Zonal Franchisee or District Distributors. My School provides you training including developing your marketing methods, presentation skills, positive thinking, and goal setting and how to become successful in your life.

An Unbelievable Opportunity:

As a Business development executive, you will be assumed a joyful training. We have fun and make good money. The more sales you do each month the more money and other benefits you receive.

Team Building:

My School Channel partners are further rewarded based on sales achieved by people they train with the help of company’s recruitments as well personal recruitments. The key to success in our business is EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. Building up a strong base connecting schools in your region is very important.

  • Marketing & Distribution process

    1. Marketing and Distribution
      • Distribution is invited by Distributor expos and through advertisement for all the District / Metro and Area Distributors. Reference will be required during the selection process.
      • District head quarters will be the meeting and display center.
      • Each District will have only one Distributor.
      • Each Distributor will be required to buy necessary stock for the business. The amount will be refunded after termination of Distributor.
      • The company is set the guidelines/suggestions for marketing the products and the Distributors will stick to these guidelines. New promotional schemes will be put in place from time to time to market the products.
      • Company will not directly market their products in the designated franchised areas. However, it will assist if Distributor seeks any help to close a deal.
      • Distributors are responsible for local publicity and network development to tap the market.
    2. The Best Sales opportunities
      • On enrollment of students by collecting the subscription amount along with the school fees is one of the best times in year.
      • On quarterly parents meet at schools, the Distributors may have My School stall at the school premises with the prior permission of the school, and provide a nominal benefit to the host school management, on sales of subscription.
      • School management can make a mandatory school magazine for the students as a house magazine. This can be made any time during the year.
    3. The best sales time in a month
      • On every quarterly held parents meet at schools
      • On regular sales time, the best time to achieve the sales target is the salary time. Around the last week of a month, distribution of the free magazines and application forms at schools may attract the parents.
    4. Sales Method
      • My School Magazines are available at schools on annual subscription only. Soon an agency sale through open market is under way for English as well regional language magazines.
    5. Marketing Rights
      • School Tools is the sole authorized sales and marketing company of My School magazines in all Indian languages.
    6. Start up Method
      • Project will be launched nationwide in the metro / district and small towns at the same time.
      • Laptop, LCD presentation or My School promotional catalogue for display to the school authorities is preferable.
      • Entire documentation and student’s subscription tracking software will be forwarded.
      • Every Distributor will receive personalized ID cards, business cards, customized forms, stationery and kits within two weeks after they sign the agreement.
    7. Authority
      • All trade authority and content & graphics, paintings and copyrights vest with Star Features Private Limited only.
    8. Evaluation
      • Project evaluations will be done based on the reporting methods, framed at each level of operation. The methods would be:
      • Consolidated weekly, monthly reporting of the marketing executive (Out Station - Network operations)
      • Reporting models and all the Book-Keeping will be separate for My School magazine and School Tools.
      • Weekly sales and Stock Reports.
      • Consolidated weekly reports of sales and orders from the Distributor.
      • Business accounts and audit assessments are required from distributor on a fortnightly basis for repayment of their payments from corporate office.
    9. Size
      • English: Half demy size 9.5 x 14.5 inches.
      • Each Magazine consists of 16 multi-colour plus 8 single colour pages Content that is developed exclusively for the respective groups.
      • Regional language: ¼ demy size 7x 9.5 inches.
      • Each Magazine consists of 52 multi-colour plus 4 pages of cover
    10. Categories
      • English - 5 categories: Play school, kindergarten, primary, Middle, and High school
      • Regional language - 2 categories: My school Junior, My school
    11. Paper
      • English: My School magazines are printed on 120 GSM art paper for cover, 80 GSM maplitho for inner pages and 60 GSM maplitho for single color pull-out. (The students can write, scribble & color on the paper).
      • Regional language: 90 GSM art paper for cover, LWC newsprint / 70 GSM Maplitho for inner pages (The students can write, scribble & color on the paper).
    12. Language
      • My School magazines are presently available in English.
      • By 2010-11 they will be available in all Indian languages.
    13. Website Sharing
      • All Distributor, business executives and subscribed schools will be authorized to log into ‘’ website for promotional as well as communication for business growth. Every authorized person will be provided a personal ID for communicating with the corporate officials.
    14. Exhibition-cum-Sale
      • Distributors will have the opportunity to promote and sell all kind of fun activity books, story books, comics, educational charts, flash cards, edutainment CDs created by Star Features specially designed for kids. These products shall be sold through exhibition-cum-sale on parents meet at schools.
    15. My School Directory
      • Star Features is shortly bringing out an online & paper back educational directory of schools, publishers, suppliers of educational products and general information, upgrading annually. All Distributors can become Marketing Managers to collect data and advertisements, with 30% revenue sharing on their contribution.
    16. Objectives
      • To improve the reading, writing and learning habit among children. To provide personality development program, animation, creative skills, language learning and helpful hints for daily life. My School subscribers will get maps, charts, and posters in the magazine and the students need not buy separately.
    17. Operational Structure
      • All Distributors shall contact for supplies when they are required in their region. Four categories of My School Magazines and all educational products are distributed by:

        School tools Marketing Private Limited,
        Legend II, 301, Barkatpura,
        Hyderabad - 500027 Andhra Pradesh, India.
        Ph: 66770066, Fax: 27551004.
        Email:      website:  

      • Any content for review, or suggestions from teachers, parents & students to be incorporated in My School Magazines should be sent to:

        The Editor,
        Star Features R & D division,
        Legend II, 401, Barkatpura,
        Hyderabad - 500 027Andhra Pradesh, India.
        Ph: 27551002 Fax: 27551004.
        Email:  website:

      • Star Features Editorial board has the rights of publishing. All unpublished content needed by the sender, must accompany return postage.