I love my school is associated with Star features and offers academic writing, translation and copywriting services to schools, educational publishers, NGOs and e- learning content developers on all their required topics from lesson plans to subject books. We invite academicians, resource people and teachers to have a permanent work flow, and they can keep our freelancers busy as they want. Star features offers good remuneration and a stable income to freelancers. Royal writing will take care of everything including communication with schools and educational organizations, fraud protection and any other assistance needed by the freelancer. We offer 24/7 support and communication to our freelancers.

Looking for Academic Writers

Star features is in need of experienced writers to cover the huge workload of various types of academic writing jobs such as research papers, essays, dissertations, term papers, course works, subject books and many more. Interested? Then join our friendly team @ I love my school. Sign up now!

Inviting All Copywriters

Star features needs experienced freelance copywriters and can provide a steady work flow. This ensures that you will have a steady income from your freelance work. We offer free registration and unlimited access to our projects. These projects are guaranteed to challenge you and keep you excited about your freelance work. We offer highly competitive pay rates and 24/7 support. Sign up now!

Engaging Translators

Star Features has educational publishing houses, knowledge product companies all over India and translators are in high demand. Put your bilingual abilities to work for you and earn a steady income with it. We need translators in all languages and offer 24/7 support and communication to our freelance translators. We have challenging and exciting projects that will help build your translation experience and increase your skill levels. Let your translation skills benefit you on a steady income basis. Sign up now!

Guidelines for Contributors

• 14 articles per week at 450-500 words each

• Must be of top quality with proper grammar, structure and punctuation

• Must be keyword rich

• We will provide an Excel spreadsheet with the subjects and the desired keywords for all articles

• Each article must primarily feature at least 2 assigned keywords from our list

• Must provide us with sample work before we assign you the project

• Articles will most likely be about different subjects on educational topics only

• The Excel sheet should be returned with complete details

• Only brand-new original content articles will be accepted

• We will check all articles for duplicate content across the web and on Copyscape

• Any plagiarized articles will not be accepted and may terminate business relationship

• We reserve the right not to accept any articles we consider to be low quality or unfit

We have a few other long-term projects and will hire you again, if we like your work.

We have been in Animation training, production, Press feature syndication, Educational service work for local governments, and Publishing business for 10 years and are associated with more than 35 newspapers nationwide. We are associated with more than 3,000 schools nationwide, distributing educational magazines which we release as monthly magazines in five categories.

It is possible that this could turn into an established month-by-month relationship with the best fit writer for all our article-writing needs. We also have local Indian language content to publish for press and television. So if you can do translation into English as well as any other Indian language, you'll enjoy a very good position with a long-term relationship with us. You will be required to provide us with sample work before hiring so that we will be able to judge what you can do. For more info, e-mail us at:………………………………

Articles for Schools

A series of lessons and activities to help students in schools commonly understand the role played by the teacher in influencing their attitudes and perceptions about development issues. Teachers who take the responsibility to share their views, give tips for better learning and motivate the students with their knowledge are invited. You can choose any subject at which you are strong, subject to approval.

Student Contributions are Invited

Star Features publishes all solicited content created by students of all ages in all languages. They can upload all their creative articles, poems, paintings, project works, travel experiences, stories, jokes, riddles and many more, which were printed earlier in the school souvenir or on behalf of the school.